Welcome to CassieWinters.com

Welcome to CassieWinters.com! The home of Cassie Winters, book blogger. I used to blog at cassiewinterslibrary.blogspot.com for awhile, but I noticed by interacting with the larger book blogging community that most of them seemed to be utilizing WordPress for their blogs. I checked what all the fuss was about and decided that moving over was appropriate.

At the same time, I recognized that this would give me a new, fresher outlook on my blogging and what I want to do with it, so I decided not to move over the blogs from my old site. I decided that this would be a clean slate. The old site will be up for awhile, so that others can view and see that I am not just a “newbie blogger” (not that there is anything wrong with that because we ALL start somewhere!). This just felt like a good fit for me and what I wanted to do at this particular moment. It feels like a basic refresher and sometimes that is what we all need to refocus ourselves and our lives.

I am pleased that you have made your way over to this site, regardless of where you found me from. I will still give the same top-notch quality reviews as I have in the past and I will continue this site into the future, now that I feel like I have found my home!

Welcome to CassieWinters.com and welcome to well ME!

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