Television Review: “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” Season 1


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Taylor Armstrong
Camille Grammer
Lisa Vanderpump
Kyle Richards
Kim Richards
Adrienne Maloof

I had decided that I wanted to join into the “Real Housewives” franchise, but I was intimidated. I mean “Real Housewives of Orange County” has over 12 seasons currently. That is a lot of episodes to try to get into the show! So I started with the newer show of “Real Housewives of Potomac” and while I watched the two seasons of the show, I found that I was just watching. I was not really invested in any of the ladies, except for Robyn. I wanted a show where I felt a invested interest in several of the ladies on the show. While I know that housewives come and go on these shows, I wanted one that I felt enough of a connection with the initial cast to stay going when others moved out. I started watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta” after this and go through the first season, but I found myself still not truly invested in many of the ladies past Nene. Due to this, I was about to give up on being a “housewives fan”, but I decided to try out “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” because I knew that a few people I was familiar with in entertainment joined the show in the fifth season (Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna). I knew they were not in the first few seasons though, so I was praying I would connect with these ladies. I started watching…

and I found that I loved these ladies!

Season 1 Favorite Housewife – Lisa Vanderpump
Season 1 Least Favorite Housewife – Camille Grammer

This first season really felt like it was about establishing who each of these strong women were. It also introduced a feud between Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer that had me rolling my eyes at Camille. Camille seemed hellbent on having issues with Kyle regardless of what anyone was telling her. It felt like she earned that title of “Most Hated Housewife Ever” that was published on a magazine cover, that was revealed during the reunion. Camille becomes slightly more likable when we discover that Kelsey Grammer, of “Frasier” fame, asks her for a divorce near the end of the season. Many of their scenes together are AWKWARD! You can tell that he doesn’t really love her anymore, but she is able to convey that love that is still there. She creates a narrative that really highlights what she is dealing with at the end of the first season. I will say that the “Dinner Party from Hell” was hilarious, especially seeing who was the inspiration for the main character of “Medium.” Both Kyle and Camille brought back up. Alison (the woman that the “Medium” character was based on) for Camille and Kyle brought Faye Resnick. Faye definitely goaded the fight. It was fun as a viewer to watch.

During this season, I found myself drawn to Lisa Vanderpump. I felt that she was the most likable of all these ladies. She seemed the most approachable of all of them, even though obviously she is a rich ass bitch. I will never be that, so I don’t identify completely (obvs). She is a restaurant owner. Her “story” during the season is very light-hearted in nature. For example, she tries to set-up Kim Richards up on a date. These elements made me love her, as a housewife. The only negative story for her was her houseguest, Cedric. This, however, also made her more approachable as a human being.

Normally, I find it hard to get through a show that is 45 minutes in length. My brain tells me that there a million and one other things that I could be doing, but I found myself being able to watch several episodes of this show in a single sitting. I just found myself enamored with these women, I wanted to know more about every single one of them. While I loved Lisa the most, I would say the one that I felt the most connection on a personal level was Kim Richards. There was something about her missing all the time and the way she acted that made me feel that I understood her the most of all the housewives. This will come back in my next season discussion, since I have seen the first three seasons as I write this.

There are two other housewives on this season that I haven’t discussed in any details so far. They are Adrienne Maloof and Taylor Armstrong. Adrienne was one of the housewives that I was somewhat neutral about. I did not have any real feelings towards her at all. None of the moments really made me like or dislike her. She just seemed to be a rich girl in the cast that showed her alleged money through her various ownings. I really liked her husband, Paul, more than I clicked with her. Taylor Armstrong was hard for me to warm-up to because during one episode she spends $60,000 on a birthday party for her daughter, Kennedy, and then her daughter basically disappears and she seems unfazed by it. It also did not seem to be centered on anything that her daughter would have wanted at the party, which contrasted with Kyle Richard’s daughter’s birthday party (only $12,000 was spent on it ONLY bahaha). Kyle’s party had a petting zoo, bouncy house, and things that generally kids would love. Back to Taylor though, the biggest reason she isn’t up there on my favorite housewives list right now is that her husband seems a bit creepy (having already watched the next 2 seasons OMG!). I also found it hard to root for Taylor during this season because her beef was with Kim, who I liked better.

Now about the season finale and the moment that obviously was probably talked about when the show was originally airing: The fight between Kim and Kyle Richards. This was hard to watch. You never want family to fight with each other, for any reason. It was painful. When Kyle screams that Kim is an alcoholic, I wanted to slap Kyle for Kim’s sake. It was the only moment that I was glad that Adrienne was there for. She was able to make sure that Kyle left Kim somewhat alone. During the reunion, you could tell that there was still a deep hurt between the two that probably wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. While beefs got brought up and it felt that they were going to lead to beef in the second season, it just felt that most things were a retread during this first reunion. It was still, however, fun to watch them yelling at each other over stuff that they had basically gotten over by that point. Will I continue watching this show? OH YEA! You did notice that I said I watched the next 2 seasons right? That means MORE REVIEWS ARE COMING SOON! 😉

The cast of any and all  of the “Real Housewives” shows go through many changes and this one is no different.
These are just some of the various casts of the show over time.

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  1. Danielle

    I’m glad you found a season you could really connect with! I’ve never seen this show, but I do have a reality show that I can binge for hours and that’s The Bad Girls Club. I just love that show, no matter how trashy it is!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      I have heard of “The Bad Girls Club” but never watched it. I would probably get addicted to it as well. I love trashy and catty for some reason. I have issues okay? It especially makes me giggle when the women have more money than anything and still act like life is horrible. I want to be like “if I had your money!”


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