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I have been being picked a lot lately for different tags and I am having to learn how to space them out so that it doesn’t seem like you all are being inundated with tag information about me, but then again don’t you WANT to know more about me? I mean it is CassieWinters.com after all hehe. I was tagged for the “Mystery Blogger Award” by one of my most favorite bloggers out there (who just happens to be a fellow social worker like me, woot woot) Maggie from “The Caramel Files”.  If you are not following her I implore you to go there right now. She is pretty much the bee’s knees people.

The award was originally created by Okoto Enigma, really excites me because Okoto describes the award as being for “amazing bloggers with ingenious posts!” I find that so many bloggers out there simply don’t get recognized for so many reasons, so I am thrilled to have gotten tagged in this one specifically.

The Rules

  • Put the award logo on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you and include a link to their blog
  • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link to their blog as well
  • Tell your readers three things about yourself
  • Nominate 10-20 people
  • Notify your nominees
  • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, specifying one weird/funny question
  • Share a link to your best post(s)

About Me

  • As a transgender individual I often deal with diversity related issues. I find myself trying to engage in conversations that address the world of diversity, which is one of the reasons that I have chosen to go into social work for my career. I also help do group facilitation for a transgender support group, which I think is vital for the community to know they are not alone.
  • I have too many pet children. My partner and I started off with just a dog and a single cat, but somehow we have expanded out to having a dog and three cats. Two of the cats are “hard luck cases” as we call them. Fennel was dropped off at my partner’s parent’s farm house in the country and when I saw him I knew that he was my new best friend. He has been with us for about 2 years now and I love him so much. Dusty came to us several months ago. He is the only “outside” cat that we have. He just came into our back yard meowing up a storm and we embraced him every since. My partner, who is more of a dog person, is the one that adopted Dusty. I didn’t want any more cats, but my partner was like nope he is mine. He is a rough and tumble type of cat and he has grown on me the little bugger. If you wanna see them you can see pics of all four of the pets on my “About Cassie Winters” page.
  • If I had the choice to live in one singular place it would be Berkeley, California. I lived there for about 6 months at one point of my life and there was just something almost magical for me about this place. It was by far my favorite place I have lived. I have lived in Muncie, IN; Winchester, IN; McKee, KY; Union City, IN; Marysville, CA; Los Angeles, CA; Berkeley, CA; and San Francisco, CA. Each for varying amounts of time and not in that particular order. Each one of these places holds different meanings to my life and I have appreciated each one deeply, but Berkeley is definitely my most memorable in regards to aesthetics and where I wish I could be now.

My Favorite Posts [Thus Far]

  • I just restarted on WordPress so I don’t have a lot of posts on this particular site. I may utilize some of my old ones on here eventually to work as filler. I would say though that my favorite one on this particular blog is definitely my topic discussion where I speak to my experiences of being transgender, which you can see here.
  • I was ecstatic to restart blogging by utilizing a book that spoke to teaching children diversity, which was my book review of “I Am Jazz” that was written by Jazz Jennings. I appreciate having this platform because it allows me to speak to issues that I carely deeply about, but it also allows me to have fun (like this tag!).
  • I would also say that one of my favorite posts to date is my “Welcome to CassieWinters.com” post that mentions my old site in passing, but showcases that I wanted a fresh start. Sometimes a fresh start truly helps a person get away from the past and helps them to build a brighter and better future. I feel that this move to WordPress allowed me to move forward with blogging in a manner that I wanted to do. I feel very blessed to have this platform, however major or minor it is at this particular moment.

Heather’s Questions – (Who originally asked Maggie, I am answering because well it is my blog and I can do what I wanna!)

When hunkering down for the night (or day) that you plan on dedicating solely to reading, what are some essentials for you to have so it goes smoothly with little interruptions?

I am so easily interrupted when reading that I do not think I have found that groove yet. I am learning though to find a quiet spot. Tell my partner I am reading and make sure I have a cup of something to drink, so I am not interrupting myself in the middle of reading with wanting to get something from the kitchen. When I am reading before bed I often shut the door since my partner usually watches stuff right before bed in the front room. It leaves me some quiet time, which I always utilize for reading.

What fictional magical weapon/object would you want to possess?

Part of the joy, for me, is that these items are fictional. I wouldn’t want any of them. They would change the way that I have had to live my life and would take away a certain magic that has been having to live my own life, so would I want Harry’s Wand? Not so much. Would I want a spellbook from some book featuring a witch? Nope. Do I want the one ring that rules us all? HELL NO, that stuff is toxic. Get to stepping with that! I appreciate what you have to do with your own life without magical weapons or objects, but it is so fun to read about other people’s journeys with those magical items. I will stay happily in that realm of life.

Do/Can you listen to music while reading? If so, all types of music or only a specific kind?

Nope, never. If I do that I am going to be up and dancing around the house or finding myself unable to concentrate truly on what I am reading. I won’t turn on any type of noise while I am trying to read, which frustrates my partner because I am like “shush” all the time when I am sitting near him with a book. He still loves me though.

What is one trope you’ll never get sick of?

What a hard question to answer because I am not someone that looks a tropes and gets annoyed at all. I don’t think about those little things like “Ugh this is overusing that trope of a man having to rescue a girl” or “this is so that “My Fair Lady” trope where the guy has to change some ugly duckling into Cindy Crawford.” These things don’t bother me. If I am reading a book I am reading it because something interested me. I am not THAT overly critical of them, so I am not even sure I truly recognize most tropes, though I do discuss one in another tag. They, however, are just not things that I immediately go “oh I love this trope forever.”


If your favorite book was adapted into a movie/tv show, who would you cast as the main characters? If it’s already been adapted, would you change who was chosen?

My favorite book recently became “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, which if you are not aware was made into a Hulu series. The lead is Elisabeth Moss and I think she is the perfect Offred. She brings a lot of subtext qualities that I think are vital for the character, so I wouldn’t change who was chosen at all. I think it was perfect casting.

Maggie’s Questions

Is there a book or story you feel parallels your life? If yes, tell us all about it! 

Due to some of the circumstances I have found myself in I have never found a book that truly parallels my own life. It would have to encompass too much to parallel it. I have been told that I should write a book since it would be very unique and probably something that most people have not been exposed to in their reading. I have considered it, but it seems like a rather daunting task. I am not looking to be the poster child for weird life experiences over here.

What title would you choose for your autobiography and why?

“Cracks of Light in the Darkness” would be the title I would choose for my autobiography. I would choose this title because it represents how I feel about my life. While in my life I have been through horrific times (the darkness) I have always found hope and persevered through (the cracks of light).

What are the last three books you chose to DNF?

I don’t think I have ever truly DNFed a book yet. The reason I feel this way is that sometimes I don’t get around to reading a book I start, but I never say I will never finish it. Sometimes I go okay well I have to read this later. I am the type that always tries to finish a book they start because I feel that you have to experience an entire book before you can draw a true conclusion. There have been books that the first 2/3 of it was hard to get through and then suddenly I connected with it during that last 1/3. If I had stopped I would never have known that the last part was something that I would connect with. I also cannot form a true opinion until all the words the author put on the page are finished. I know that some people DNF, but I just cannot truly do that.

What was your favorite book as a child and why?

The “Fear Street Saga” by R.L. Stine was probably my favorite book growing up. I loved that it told me the history of this evil street. I also enjoyed the witchcraft in it. There was just something about a historical saga of this particular street that I embraced on some meaningful level, since I own most of the “Fear Street” books and the off-shoot “Fear Street Saga” series that they created off it. I just enjoyed a good scare, but also an almost unrealistic scare that was just there to make you jump a little or worry. It made me feel alive. I still love that cliffhanger type feeling that isn’t really a cliffhanger that happens primarily on soap operas on a Friday to get you to tune in next week. If  a book has a little bit of that sign me up.

Is there a genre you absolutely refuse to read? If yes, why?

I was told by my father growing up that you have to read everything, so I tried most of my life to not be standoffish with any particular genre. Even though he taught me this I have to say that I tend to avoid something that is strictly romance. I want other elements of a story to be involved. I am fine with it being a part of the story, but when it is all about romance I am wanting to throw the book against a wall. I will finish it, but I will probably roll my eyes so much that I may slip into a coma. I am also trying to figure out if I like science-fiction or not because sometimes it seems like I enjoy it, but then I try to read it and I am like “What is this garbage?” I may just be reading the wrong ones, so I may need to get some recommendations eventually on some sci-fi that are considered classics to read.

My Quesetions

  1. What book when you finished it made you feel that happy, feel good vibe that a book can sometimes do and why?
  2.  What book made your heart hurt so deeply after you finished it? why?
  3. Without spoiling it, what book ending do you wish you could rewrite and why?
  4.  If you could recommend any nonfiction book to someone to read what one would it be and why?
  5.  Is there any book that you feel changed you as a reader and if so why? if not why do you think you have stayed the same type of reader.

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    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      My partner can’t do homework without having music blaring, even when he is reading he needs noise. I am like “what is that life?” I could never. I can’t concentrate and get so distracted that I lose focus of what I am reading, like you mentioned. Thanks for the comment!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      The orange tabby would love you for life if you gave him hugs. He is a cuddle monster! They are my babies. 🙂

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Fear Street is my series. It is what got me into reading growing up! Love them. I own a lot of the series. I have the “Fear Street Senior” 12 book series and also have all of the “Fear Street Saga” series that was an off-shoot. I heard they are going to make it into a movie series or something as well. I hope so! My Union City is actually a twin city. Union City, IN and OH. That is very interesting that you live in a town with that same name! Thanks for reading my post!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      I don’t feel like I can truly evaluate a book until I reach that end point. I always try to figure out who would like the book, even if I didn’t. Thanks for reading!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Took a long time to get here, but I definitely do what I want now! You know I got nothing but love for ya girl!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Trust me, yes you can have too many pet babies. 😉 Especially when you actually have a mild allergy to cats, but somehow I survive loving them. For years it was hard for me to share anything about me, so now I kinda just share everything with whoever wants to listen. They can tune me out if they don’t wanna read. It is a great philosophy to have in life. Always be yourself, regardless of what noise is coming at you from the outside world.

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Love my fur babies! 🙂 I think the main reason I am able to not DNF books is because I am very selective about which books I will and won’t review for where. This helps me greatly.

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    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      This pingback made me giggle a bit since I had another nomination scheduled for the 15th already. 🙂 I will just revise it slightly with these questions and saying Danielle nominated me as well. 😀 Easy peasy.


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