Shelf Control #4: Cassie Edition

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(Via Goodreads)

Princess Amethyst, sole survivor of the House of Opal, was whisked away from Gemworld after her family was wiped out by the evil Dark Opal. After being raised to age thirteen on Earth, she was attacked by Dark Opal, who had tracked her to her adoptive home at last. But his attack served to awaken her dormant magical powers. She then returned to Gemworld to claim her rightful place and protect those in need. 

This came out in 2012 and I remembered I purchased it almost immediately. I did not have a tendency at that point to purchase books that had just came out. I was a go to the used bookstore type, but when this came out in this massive collected edition I knew I was getting it. I ordered it from Amazon and received it pretty much on release date. I have yet to read it though, which is so like me.

I remember reading issue 3 of the series, since my dad had a bad tendency to get one or two issues of a series and never finish them. I also had read the vast majority of the maxi-series that DC had made that started her appearances. This is about a girl that finds out she is a princess, which when I was younger I wanted to be royalty so badly. I wanted to be a princess, but I never told anyone. I didn’t think I was allowed to be that, so I read these issues and loved them. I was like, “I wish I was this girl.” That obviously never happened. I never got swept away to Gemworld, but I did learn to try to be a bit more myself over the years. This is why I want to read this. It feels like the biggest outlet from my youth on who I wanted to be, so I think I may get around to this sooner than later. I think this would make me remember something that is vital, that we have to be ourselves, even if we discover that we are someone that we didn’t recognize we were. Princess Amethyst is one of my favorite DC characters and I will continue to love her probably until the end of my days. Now if I just would read this collection and review it hehe.


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