Review and Request Policy


I recently decided to start posting ratings on my blog. This is because I want to keep a record of how I felt about something. I feel that a rating does that for me. It allows me to see how I felt about something in that moment. It also allows me to go back and see what things I rated certain ways. While in most book blogs the rating is for you, the reader, this feels more like it is being done for myself. I have a horrible memory, so I need helpful reminders of how I felt with things. This helps with that.I still, however, recognize that this is only my feelings with whatever content I am rating. This never means I think you shouldn't go experience the media I post about for yourself. These are just my opinions on them. Everyone should formulate their own opinions and recognize that they are fully entitled to having them. We don't have to share the same experiences with media to value each other as people, so never feel judged by a differing opinion. Instead, I want to know why you love the book that I hated. I want to know what in a movie makes you love it when I am cringing. These are interactions I want to see. So always feel free to comment with your feelings. I value them significantly. 

There are times I may post a negative review. Understand that this is my honest opinion on the book, but even when I post a negative review I am going to tell you the things that I could see another reader enjoying. This is because I will always try to see the positive of anything I review. I am thankful that you have joined me on "Revised Origins" and I look forward to interacting with you in the future. 

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I am very selective with what I will review from an e-mail request! 

My preferences lean towards horror and mystery shows, movies I am pretty wide open, and books I read anything that sounds interesting (except EROTICA and sexually explicit content). Books, I really enjoy social commentary books, so if your book has a message I am likely to want to read it for review. I am still, however, selective about this. I prefer reading what I feel like, since I am an all-around reviewer and not just a book blogger. I tend to read for pleasure, so I focus on that.

If you have something you want me to review (i.e. movie, book, comic book, tv show) please send an e-mail to