Review and Request Policy

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I do not post ratings on my blog. This is because I believe that books have both good and bad points to them. I want you to go read them for yourself after reading my posting and formulate your own opinion on the book. The beauty of reading is that the experience is subjective and your experience may be entirely different than my own. Take a chance on any negative review I post or know that you may even hate a book that I glow about. So yes,this means that I do sometimes post a negative review. Those negative reviews are my honest opinion on the book and I still value in the works that I read. I am just examining here with a more critical eye. I never, however, will just post a review that is totally scathing without pointing out the books positive aspects, so that a reader can see where they might fit with a particular book. 

Request Policy header

I have decided to not take any review requests at this time and will not be reopening them in the near future. I will continue to use Edelweiss for advanced digital reader copies, but this will be the sole source of new material for me at this time.

I am looking to return to my original intention for this blog, which was to read books that had already been published that I had never been given the opportunity to read or to read books that I wanted to promote because they were on a book shelf. I want you to know that I love and appreciate all authors, however, and I know it is hard to get your works out there and properly promoted. If your book is available through Edelweiss or Amazon Kindle shoot me an e-mail to put it in my radar, but I will be very selective with this. I respect each and every one of you, but at this time I have to do what is best for myself and my blog.

Thank you for understanding.