Review and Request Policy

Review Policy Panda

I have decided not to post ratings on my blog. This is because I feel that every book has both positive and negative aspects to it. I want you, the reader, to be able to read my review and decide from it if the book is something that you would enjoy. Giving a book a rating could potentially, in my mind, impede that process. It may make you feel that this book is a particular way in the good or negative direction.

The beauty of reading is that the experience is subjective to whomever is reading the book. There may be a book that I gush about that you read and hate. There may be a book that I despise that you think I am crazy for disliking. That this is beauty of reading. I appreciate these differences.

There are times I may post a negative review. Understand that this is my honest opinion on the book, but even when I post a negative review I am going to tell you the things that I could see another reader enjoying. This is because I will always try to see the positive of any book read. I always want to try to help you, my readers, understand where you fit with a book.

request policy panda

I am reopening my reviews, but I will be very selective with this! My preference is for books that are romance, fantasy, social commentary, or just a good book that defines the usual expectations of a particular genre. I am very open to reading almost anything, but I will not read erotica. This is my only hard rule when it comes to books that I will review. Otherwise, I am very much open to reading anything because any book could be mine and my audience's next favorite book!

If you have a book you want to put on my radar please send an e-mail to