Review and Request Policy


I do not post ratings on my blog. This is because I believe that books have both good and bad points to them. I want you to go read them yourself after reading my posting and formulate your own opinion on the book. This means that I do sometimes post a negative review or a glowing one. Those negative reviews are my honest opinion on the book and I still value in the works that I read. I am just examining here with a more critical eye.


I am very selective when it comes to what books I will read for a review request at this particular time. If you e-mail you first off you need to respect my time and I will respect yours as well. This means that you can see my name is in the blog title, so you probably should address the e-mail you send to me to actually me. If you don't do this, this instantly gets you marked on my not going to be read list (even if the book is one I would be interested in reading). This is because if you can't respect my time or my own name then why should I spend the time to promote your work?

This being said I love reading, so I am open to review requests. I find myself drawn primarily to mystery books, so I primarily will be looking for works in that genre (thrillers and suspense are also appreciated). I also have a monthly non-mystery read, so those authors will be considered but to a much lesser degree. I appreciate all fantasy, nerd culture, and social service type of books the most and they will get review preference for those non-mystery slots.

I do not participate in blog tours or any pre-made content posts. Sorry. If you fit within my criteria please feel free to message me at the follow e-mail address: