Messy Confessions 4 – “Social Work”

**TRIGGER WARNING** I don’t think this video has one, but if you have been in social services for some reason you may want to steer clear of this or also if you have issues with the education system. Those are the only things that I could see you wanting to steer clear of this video for!


Music at the beginning of video is from and is entitled “Reader! Do you read?” by Chris Zabriskie.

7 Replies to “Messy Confessions 4 – “Social Work””

  1. Danielle

    It’s so great that you were able to find a career path that was just right for you. I’m still looking for that job where I can say I’m actually happy doing. I wish you all the luck in finishing out your schooling and getting an amazing job that you will love! ❤️

  2. Jackie

    It’s really great that you have found a field that you feel like you can really help people in and you feel like you have a calling for. That’s awesome! I’m so happy for you.

  3. Aisha

    This video was great! I love research too lol!
    I’m just starting grad school for Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I feel we are having to learn similar things. I’m most excited to learn about how to work with people from different cultures. It’s truly something I can see myself doing for the rest of my life apart from reading books 🙂

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      We sound very similar! Like you this is something I can see myself doing the rest of my life, outside of the passion for books! I love finding out about different cultures and understanding what is important to them. I love comparing and contrasting it to my own world as well. Congrats on getting into grad school and I know you will do great in the program!


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