Locke and Key: Alpha and Omega Review

Locke and Key: Alpha and Omega
Written by:
Joe Hill
Art by:
Gabriel Rodriguez

The sixth and final volume of the main series of “Locke and Key” starts our descent into the finale of a lifetime. Will the Locke family survive the shadows that have enveloped their family since “Welcome to Lovecraft”? Has the evil force ultimately won? Oh it is going to be a bumpy ride to get to the end of this series.

When I finished the “Clockworks” volume, I had to get into this one immediately. I knew that I was near the end of the main story. I knew that if I finished this one I would know ultimately what happens to the Locke children and the rest of the characters that were involved in their story. This volume did not disappoint in regards to letting us know that it was the series finale of the entire comic book series. Seriously there are deaths, redemptions, pain, and turmoil. It was a beautiful send off.

When I say that this was a beautiful send off it is an understatement. Every single issue has a moment of power within it. The power of remembering who you are is central in that first issue, the power of all human beings is central in the second, the power of not getting too much in your own head and going with the flow is central in the third, the power of being able to push through the darkness that we may envelope ourselves within is central in the fourth issue, and it continues throughout the rest of the issues. There is so much that an individual can take away from this. This volume felt like it was reminding the reader to live their own life and to be happy in the life. Yes, I understand that this was told through characters that are fictional and that we have to be okay with ourselves regardless in our lives, but there are times we need to be reminded of living. Hill tapped into helping readers to remember that even in the worst evil and darkness in our lives that we can push through it and survive. It may be a struggled, but that we can do it. He infused this volume with more humanity than I feel that he has done in the previous volumes, which I appreciate it because he did not go in the typical horror fashion where things have to be horrible at the end and stay horrible. He lets some aspects end happily and I appreciated that. It made me love this series more and the moments, oh my goodness some of these moments.

I cried during this volume. I literally cried and had to stop several times during this volume. It made me truly emotional to see characters that I had loved through the previous 5 volumes turn into monsters (I won’t reveal who obviously because read it yourself hehe). Seeing characters push through moments that they did not feel they were strong enough to get through teared me up so badly during one point that I had to get up and pace around the room. My partner was like “why are you crying?” I was crying because Hill hit a raw nerve! He masterfully wound the reader around his finger and then plucked that heartstring. The whole volume does this moment after moment. There were characters that we hated in previous volumes that here we truly felt sorry for and there was compassion for them that you did not feel before. You understood their pain in ways that you did not understand previously. Hill layered this all so wonderfully. I wish I could put words to this that would give the proper credence to how good this was, but I am not eloquent like that. I am not some masterful writer that can encompass the words to tell you how beautiful this volume was. I can simply tell you that getting to this from the previous volumes is well worth the time spent to read them. It is well-worth the trip.

I do feel that Rodriguez takes on a more mature artistic style by the end of this volume. It feels that the characters have had to mature from that initial volume of “Welcome to Lovecraft.” The characters are not the same and I would state that all of them are changed for good. My favorite character by the end of this entire series were Nina (the mom) and Erin Voss. These characters, while minor, had the moments that I wanted to read about and when I saw bits of them I was always excited. My least favorite character quickly became the youngest Locke child, but I do not want to go into the full reasons behind this. I would say my second least favorite character of the series became Rendell Locke (the father) because as we saw moments of the past unfold I started to want to slap this character so hard. No character, however, was a horribly written character to the point that they did not serve a purpose to the overall story. Every single character moved this forward in ways that usually was unexpected and that led to the most satisfying conclusion of a series I have read in awhile.

This volume gets a:


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