Diversity Matters


An aspect of the human experience that this site supports and so does the owner is that we are all diverse human beings with unique experiences. You are always welcomed here despite any differences or labels society may place upon you. This site embraces you as you are, as who you are. Welcome!

This all being said, this means that we also support any diverse books that represents any aspect of diversity (African-American Literature, LGBT Lit, Asian-American Lit, and etc.). We greatly appreciate authors that include diversity related issues in their books, even those that represent the predominant class challenging their viewpoints and changing them. This represents the real world and is valuable. Thank you for showcasing that diversity does not happen in a vacuum. Below are just a few diverse books that I recommend.

If you have a suggestion for a diverse book to be read e-mail Cassie Winters at bookblogger@cassiewinters.com and she will put it on her TBR pile, if appropriate!