Changes that aren’t really changes?- October 31 announcement EARLY!

On this day I planned to make a major announcement on my blog, but I am posting this now. A day early. What was that announcement? Originally it was that I was going to become a genre specific blog, but as I have progressed over the month I have ebbed and flowed in my idea of what I want this blog to be. No, what I, as a person, need this blog to be. I was going to be moving to become a mystery genre specific blog because I feel like that is what I want to read and what books speak most to me as a reader, but again this month has shown me that I need my website to be something else.

I still want to focus on books, obviously because hello this is who I am, but I want to focus on what I originally (a couple years ago) wanted my blog (my old blogspot blog and this one) to be. I wanted it to be a place to explore books I never got to read during my childhood and through my years of being homeless, media that I never got to watch for the same reasons, and share experiences about my life without feeling limited by some box.

That box, unfortunately, is often the “rules” of the book blogging community. We are told we are supposed to want the newest ARC and we want it for free and we want it now. We want to be approved for it. We want to be accepted by publishers in some meaningful way. I want these things as well. Heck, we all do, but we try to be “professional” in a way that may not always be organic for who we are in our daily and actual lives. We become static on our blogs because we feel we have to act a certain way. I am taking the “professional” band-aid off my blog. I want to get books at the used bookstore because there are so many old books that deserve attention as well. There is an entire back catalog of books that deserve us to be examining them as well. I do not want to be forced to try to compete with others to try to get a new book that is considered the “hit” book of the moment, only for two months later to have no one talking about it. I do not want to have to go to instagram and try to make stage pictures of a book to try to get someone to want to read what I am saying.

I know that something that I am saying here will probably be construed wrong and will cause someone to attack me or point out something that I did not think out well, which is fine. I have survived worse. I will survive anything you throw at me as well. I may lose followers as well, but when we start being organically ourselves I think we start to feel better about ourselves overall in our lives. I want to have that feeling related to this blog. If I want to review a television program that I am watching I don’t want to have to worry if it hurts my ability to possibly get a “free” ARC or if it will affect how some publisher sees me. At this moment you take me for who I am, where I am at and if it causes me not to get a free book I guess I will just wait until I have enough money to purchase the darn thing.

My schedule, tentatively, will be as followed:

Tuesday – A book review

Thursday – An article, tag, or something else that I want to post that day. Sometimes this will be about what I am doing in my life as well.

Saturday – A media review. It may be a movie I never watched, a television show I am currently watching, or some other media source that I am currently working on.

I will be adding more during some weeks where I get more read or watched. I may also decide I want to do “events” for specific holidays as well *i.e. CHRISTMAS is my favorite holiday*. I am not going to limit myself on if I choose to do these things either. One week you may get 5 book reviews, the next 5 media reviews, and then the next get a bunch of posts about my life, and you may even get a week where you only get one book review because I have been busy with school. This doesn’t mean that I am done with this blog (listen, I paid like $300 to keep this site up and running all the way to 2019. I must be somewhat committed to it people.)

The whole point of this is that I am trying to learn not to limit myself as a blogger, even as a book blogger. I was about to limit myself greatly by going into only doing mystery books (which I am going to be doing a lot more mystery genre specific book reviews) but I want to be able to read almost anything. I am a mixed genre reviewer, but I need to focus on some particular goals that I have for myself. I will be focusing heavily on the pages that are on my menu header bar (i.e. Required Reading List, Media Goals, etc.) along with some reading that I have on my own physical shelves. I am shifting my blog, so if you see other changes it is all part of this process. I think our blogs change as we change. We figure out what we need them to be and this is definitely what I need mine to be for me. It is not a therapeutic blog, but it is something that I can utilize to help me feel like I have finally read some books, watched some movies, and done some things that I simply never had the opportunity to do. I will not, however, live in the past. I want to come out of my “moving hiatus” with a plan and agenda for what direction I want to go. This is that plan. I will keep moving forward. Thank you for being on this journey with me!

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