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One of the first comic books that I remember getting was either Wonder Woman #134 (volume 2) or #135. My dad took me to a comic shop and asked me what comic I wanted. I was interested in reading “Wonder Woman” the most of all the titles that were on the shelves. He purchased it for me. I remember reading it almost straight away. I remember thinking that Donna’s history was convoluted, but that she had a heart of gold. I started down a rabbit hole of reading other titles that she has appeared in. Some of them are “Darkstars”, “Teen Titans”, “The New Teen Titans”, and “Titans.” If you didn’t notice she was mostly featured in Titan titles from DC. The reality is that she was somewhat miscreated by two writers for the original “Teen Titans” who flipped through “Wonder Woman” and saw a character named “Wonder Girl” featured. The problem? It was actually a younger version of Diana (Wonder Woman), but they didn’t realize that. They thought it was a sidekick character, like Robin or Aqualad, because they had been so popular at one time. The writers just assumed that this had to be Wonder Woman’s sidekick. They didn’t research it any further and added her to the team. This lead to issues when comics became a little more about continuity and backstory. They had to create one for Donna and it got messed up quickly. These are the origins I remember off the top of my head, so that means there are probably those that I forgot somewhere along the line:

FIRST ORIGIN: Donna was saved from a burning building by Wonder Woman.
SECOND ORIGIN: Donna was saved by a fireman, when post-Crisis on Infinite Earths happened because Wonder Woman became a character that was just coming to man’s world.
THIRD ORIGIN: It was actually a “Titan” god that saved her from the fire because she was destined to become one of those gods.
FOURTH ORIGIN: Donna was actually a mirror image that came to life by an Amazon witch (this is the storyline that is told starting in #134 of Wonder Woman) and she has been pulled from the timeline so many times by an evil villain.
FIFTH ORIGIN: Donna was created to kill Wonder Woman from clay and she was given false memories to make her seem like she had friendships with the Titans, in the most recent version. (Again I am probably missing at least one origin, since there have been NUMEROUS).

You would think that a character with a convoluted history like this would make a fan back off quickly, but it has drawn me more to her. I think people are so many things. People have convuluted lives and Donna does. The other thing is even though she had these convoluted aspects to her, she was a strong character that loved her friends. She was like a mother figure to them. She loved them full-heartedly and there were moments where it felt that she was the one taking care of the others in the group. This personality has largely disappeared, in my opinion, within the new version. I keep hoping for a better, more “my version” of Donna to return to DC Comics. This may happen after the “Titans” series that is going to be on the DC streaming service when it launches. I hope that there we see a version of Donna that is simplistic and helps to simplify her in the comic books as well, if she appears within it.

For a long time I thought I loved Wonder Woman, but I realized that it was that I was so attached to Donna Troy. I tried to read “Wonder Woman” titles and I did not feel that “love” that I could feel in my heart for something. I started reading various “Titans” media featuring Donna and OMG, I could tell that it was Donna! I adored the character and I realized that that was what kept me reading those few issues of “Wonder Woman” that I read as a child. I was invested in the story of Donna Troy. As I have grown older from my youth I still love this character. To show you, I literally have a couple of shelves that feature her predominantly on them.


I recognize that there are still a lot of stories with Donna in them that I have never got around to reading or it has been a long time since I have read, so I am going to try to do that within the next couple of months. I want to reengage with my love of this particular character. The first thing I was able to read with her in this process was DC actually has collected a “Wonder Girl” collection that came out within the last year. It features the multiple versions of “Wonder Girl” that have existed (Diana, Donna, and Cassie). I will be reviewing it VERY soon 😉

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