Book Review: Goodnight Kiss by R.L. Stine (Fear Street Series)

“Goodnight Kiss”
(Super Chiller)
R.L. Stine

“Goodnight Kiss” focuses in on Matt, April, and Todd vacationing with their families, away from Shadyside (where Fear Street is). What they don’t know that beach city they are at is home to “The Eternal Ones” or as we know them “Vampires.” Will Matt, April, and Todd make it to the end of their summer?

As I said during my review of “Switched” I grew up reading these books, so I wanted to take a nostalgic trip down “Fear Street” for the most appropriate holiday season, Halloween. These books are horror you know? So I will get exactly to how I felt about this book. When I read this when I was younger I hated it. Yes, I hated a “Fear Street” book while I was growing up. It was my least favorite of all of them. I wondered if that would continue into adulthood, but what is funny is I enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed “Switched.” This felt like a wonderful little trip into a horror story, whereas “Switched” seem more like a problematic journey into mental health related issues.

The book does a beautiful job of feeling similar to an episode of “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” right out the gate. I make this comparison simply because of the vampires. You understand that there are vampires VERY quickly in the book, so this is not a spoiler and if you look at the cover it is a little obvious. I mean a bat and a girl with blood on her neck, it is a little in your face. The book definitely has moments where it is in that childish scary category, which is appropriate for the book. It also goes deeper. It feels like this could be an episode of a show, like American Horror Story, and it would be a great episode of it.

The characters were a little 2-dimensional, but that is largely because the storyline with the vampires is more important than the who is involved aspects of the story. This isn’t supposed to be some big character-driven storyline that results in huge character changes that continues onto some larger series arc. This is a standalone book in a larger overarching series that simply takes place on a street, so don’t expect characters to feel like someone you know or want to either. They are written though in a way that shows Stine understood that kids like certain things (i.e. videos games) and that they enjoy hanging out. He doesn’t go for anything too out of the ordinary here.

The only thing that was problematic was a singular plot moment where part of the plot seems to get resolved in a way that had me rolling my eyes. I was a bit like “Really, you are pulling that card to wrap-up the story?” This will have you roll your eyes probably as well, but it isn’t enough to distract from the quick and enjoyable read of the book. For me, this was better than the previous book in the series I read for this month, but it still has flaws. It, however, is a lot better than I remembered it.

If you a sparkly vampire fan, you probably won’t like this book. Vampires are bad here. Not good. They are BAD. They hurt people. If you want your vampires to be sparkly and want to swoon over them you should look to other books (Have you heard of “The Twilight Saga”? You will love it!). Also if horror and death isn’t your thing then you shouldn’t pick this book up from a second hand store (that is probably how you would have to get this one). It is full of moments that will have you go “Oh no!” so if you don’t want that simply avoid this book.

If you love your vampires to be evil and mean then you will LOVE this book. These vampires make up evil games and they hurt people for no other reason than they want to. If you like this, these vampires you are going to love. Also horror lovers would probably enjoy this book, especially if you are looking for a “Fear Street” book to read that would be more appropriate for an adult reader. This book would be appropriate, even with the horror elements, for a young adult. It doesn’t have anything that would be too considered “problematic” within it.

There is a SECOND book in the “Goodnight Kiss” part of the “Fear Street” series as well! If you find that you enjoy this book you can pick it up. I actually have the collected edition of this book with a short story. I will be reviewing this second edition as well soon!

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  1. Evelina

    Vampires should totally be evil! Have you read Empire V by Viktor Pelevin? Such a smart book. Non-traditional, but very evil vampires too.
    When I saw that cover of Fear Street, I was like whoah šŸ˜€ what is this šŸ˜€ then you said that thing about nostalgia, and it suddenly made so much more sense šŸ˜€
    Evelina recently posted…Sunday post #28My Profile

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Yeah, I tend to review both present and past books. It is more interesting for me, as a book blogger, to not just review those things that are considered “the it book” right at this moment. In fact, I want to rebel a little against that because that is what “book blogging” seems to focus in on, whereas I want to focus in on the love of reading. šŸ™‚

      I have not heard of the book you mentioned, but I am adding it to my TBR since it doesn’t mention in the synopsis vamps, but it appears from your description of it it is there. Definitely sounds like something I would enjoy!

    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Thank you for the tag! I will get my responses up for the tag by friday šŸ˜‰ I corrected your url for you in the comment. I hope some people go visit your site because it looks pretty awesome! Thanks again for tagging me!


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