Book Review: “Feel Me Fall” by James Morris


I was sent this book by the author for an honest review of his work. If you know me, you know that this will not cloud my honesty in this review. These opinions are my real opinions and are not in any way influenced by where I got this book.


“Feel Me Fall”


James Morris


Published by

Inkspot Imaginarium


Publication Date-

                                                   May 2, 2017

The central theme of “Feel Me Fall” is survival and the things you will do when you are trying to survive in dire times. The story revolves around a group of high schoolers that crash into the Amazon. These students are used to the worst thing being a barista getting their Starbuck order wrong, but now they are faced with having to actually survive in a rather harsh climate and one that they are unfamiliar with. The story deals with how relationship dynamics can be changed when you are fighting for your very life and that you may just do things you would never consider when it is your life that is on the line.



I had heard about this book through a group chat that I am involved in. Some of the others in the book blogging community were asked to read and review it as well. One of them asked if I would want to review this book since they were not going to do it. At the time I was ending my semester and someone else in the group chat said it sounded like their type of book, so I said to recommend them. Well flash forward to a few weeks ago when I received an e-mail from the author asking if I would want to review his book. I immediately jumped up and down in excitement! Of course I said yes, I mean hello you are reading the review for the book, come on now. Did you think this had some other ending to it? It didn’t hurt that the author is a former writer for “Smallville”, which my best friend has watched every single episode of and would have killed me if I had said no to anyone that was even connected to it in a six degrees of Kevin Bacon type of way, so I started the book as soon as I received.

Now let me start with the bad, which there is very little of. First off, the book is graphic in some parts. Most especially it is graphic during those first few opening pages due to the crash. Some of the content can be a little off-putting and may be hard to push through. If you get through those initial pages though you will be rewarded with a rich and engrossing tale of survival and what happens to individuals pushed to their breaking point by wanting to simply survive. This point about individuals being pushed brings me to the next bad point of the book: this isn’t a book about likable characters. There is hardly a one of them to be found within the books pages. Sometimes this lack of a likable character can make you feel rather disconnected from what is occurring, but if you truly understand that this is a complex examination (even if it is a fiction book) of the human spirit in a survival mode you can understand that perhaps these characters would have been likable in a completely other environment.

The is a fast-paced book. Something is always happening. It reads very much like a television series that has been adapted into a book, which I think works in its favor. You are never left feeling bored or uninterested in the overall story taking place. There are those shocking moments contained within it that you don’t expect. Sometimes these can feel forced or can make a reader cringe, but here I found myself loving the little shocks that I was not expecting. I loved them to the point that I actually had to post on twitter that the book was shocking me! The story makes you think one thing is going to occur and then something else happens entirely. There was a moment that I was not expecting about roughly 70% into the book (I was reading a kindle edition of the book). I found myself shook to my core. I thought the book was about to end, but then I saw that 70% and said “Oh no! Something is about to go down. What in the world else could happen to these kids?” and when it happened I was positively shaken to the core, but in context of characterization and story the moment made total sense. I loved that nothing was out of character for anyone during the entire book. Every single shocking moment was more that you just wouldn’t expect it in normal society and you forget that these kids are not in normal society. They are fighting to survive in a way that most of us luckily will never understand. I truly connected with that survival mode that they throughout, which made me see these characters as 3-dimensional instead of flat stock characters that are sometimes used in other books. Without giving away any of the characters plots or who they are in context of the book I will say that my favorite character, for some reason, was Molly. There was something that drew me to her and her struggles during it all.

The last thing I want to mention about this book was that when I reached the words “THE END” for one of the first times ever I wanted there to be another book. I wanted to know more. I wanted to see more. I wanted to know what happened after that moment at the end. I would purchase a sequel book and the author would not have to send it to me for review. I would straight up purchase it with my own money because this book made me enjoy it that much. I want to see a continuation of this! If you can’t tell, since I don’t give a star rating to my books here, that I rather enjoyed it. I think this is a book that deserves all the recommendations that it can get. Please see below where you can purchase it, it is worth the time spent reading it. It took me a few days to get through it because of the graphic content in places, but as someone that abhors violence stating that I enjoyed this book it has to be rather engaging and interesting of a story.



Since I did say I would be honest here (part of me wanted to be like everyone should read this, but that wouldn’t be honest and isn’t my format for reviews), I know that there are some people that should not read this book. The ones that stick out to me the most are people that have survived horrible circumstances themselves. If your plane crashed somewhere don’t read this book, it will trigger the crap out of you. If you are someone that survived any form of truly horrific traumatic event I would suggest sitting this book out and find something a little more light-hearted in nature. This book isn’t for you. It will trigger you and perhaps even make you feel worse as you become sympathetic/empathetic to the characters’ plight. Also if you are someone that does not enjoy primarily a young adult focus this book may be a little harder to devour than some others, but I can state as someone that isn’t YA focused that I still rather enjoyed this book. It is, however, something that should be noted that its focus is more in that realm of books than others.

Now I would almost recommend this book to anyone. I especially think it would be interesting to those that want to read about how people react in situations that extreme. It may be a fictional work, but it is intriguing to see what these characters end up doing to survive. It is also interesting to see how various characters are killed off over its course (the synopsis of the book discusses a sole survivor, so honestly I don’t feel like that is a spoiler that people die). If you don’t mind seeing deaths of characters you grow attached to definitely pick this up. You will be going, “how do they not make it to the end?” which will drive you forward to finish the book. I highly recommend this to anyone that does devour YA books primarily. This will fit in with your reading preference and will be an interesting contrast to probably some of the more heavily romantic centered books of that genre.



James Morris, the author of “Feel Me Fall”

James Morris has written two other books and a book that contains what appears to be short stories. I purchased all of these to read on the kindle! The reason? If I enjoyed this book this much I am willing to read his other works and pay to read them. I look forward to eventually reviewing these other books as well.









“Feel Me Fall” can be purchased here:

Barnes and Noble
Half Price Books

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    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Danielle, thanks for the compliment! If I can influence even ONE person to get this book, I will have done my job. It is just that darn good of a book.

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    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      I hope you are able to get a copy! It was such a great read. I felt I was in the jungle with these characters. I definitely will be reading the other books I purchased by him soon!

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