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After my heavier last post I wanted to do something fun! I love books, but I also love so much more! In fact, I am starting a side blog in October, so that I can actually talk about media and random stuff that doesn’t fit for my book blog, with a friend! I am so happy Olivia from Books and Big Ideas tagged me in this! If you are not following her you totally should!

Q1: Name a cartoon(s) that you love?

My favorite cartoon ever is a toss-up between “Jem and the Holograms” and “The Snorks.” I didn’t get to watch “The Snorks” as a kid, but I definitely love it. Jem, however, is pure nostalgia for me. Love Love LOVE it. I own the complete DVD series set of it because I love it so much! She is TRULY TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Q2: What is your favorite song right now?

I am currently obsessed with “Learn to Let Go” by Kesha. It really is an inspirational song. I am obsessed with the entire album! It is so good.

Q3: What could you do for hours that isn’t reading?

Watch Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, and honestly chatting with people online that I care about!

Q4: What is something that you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

I think since I am relatively new to the “book blogging community” and I am rebuilding my follower base I think I could say anything on this. I found out this summer I enjoy kayaking and I love love CHEESECAKE!

Q5: What is your favorite, unnecessarily specific thing to learn about?

I love watching DIY videos and how to craft certain items, but I never seem to implement them into actual practice. I think I am finding myself still for a variety of reasons. 🙂

Q6: What is something unusual that you know how to do?

I know how to write really well in APA format? I don’t think I am that unusual in any really big ways or that I know how to do anything that unusual, but then again it is just not unusual to me to be able to do it and I am not aware that it is?

Q7: Name something you’ve made in the last year?

I learned to spray paint items that I purchased or found. One of my book shelves in my office was a free item on craigslist that I repurposed with blue spray paint that I liked.

The cleaned up shelf, still not perfect

May have had to clean up the shelf before taking a pic








Q8: What is your most recent personal project?

This blog is actually my most recent personal project… I had to figure out exactly how I wanted the background. I went through five different looks before I settled on the fact that because the site is my name that I would utilize my own picture instead of something else to represent me. There was a lot of back and forth within myself on this. I, however, feel very settled on the fact that I have done what I wanted with this site thus far.

Q9: Tell us something that you think of often

I think about the future and how I can achieve more than I have been allowed to previously in my life. I am a social work student and I know that this degree I am currently getting will open many doors that are currently closed to me. My education is something I think about literally every second of my life because to me it is vitally important to achieve so much that has been denied to me.

Q10: Tell us something that’s your favorite, but make it oddly specific

I love “The Golden Girls” and I love the character Sophia in it. Her sense of humor always brings a smile to my face when I am down. Sometimes you need a little bit of sass in your life to brighten up your day. I have learned a lot from these girls, even if it is just a television show.

I tag… WHOEVER THE HECK WANTS TO DO THIS! That is the fun of these tags to me. Do them when they fit for you and also just do them when you want 🙂

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