Messy Confessions 3 – Drug Addictions

**TRIGGER WARNING** I discuss drug addiction in this video. If you have ever had a drug addiction, I would steer clear of this particular video. I do not go into full blown details, but still enough that you may want to avoid the video.

I know that during the time period that I was using drugs that I went through a lot of other things. The drug addiction was near the end of the time I was in San Francisco, where I was still technically homeless. I ended up returning back to Indiana, for the first time, to escape the drug scene. It helped greatly for me. Everyone has to do what they need to do to remain clean and sober. I support whatever means that an individual has to take to do so, so if you are in recovery and have people telling you that you have to do A or B tell them that you need to do what you need to do to stay sober. That it is your journey of sobriety and that whatever keeps you clean is what keeps YOU clean! Know that you have someone in your corner that has been there and knows that even if you haven’t started on your own path of sobriety that it is possible. It won’t always be easy, but know that you got this and can kick whatever bad habit you are trying to quit. You got this!

Music at the beginning of video is from and is entitled “Reader! Do you read?” by Chris Zabriskie.

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  1. Danielle

    I commend you for getting over drug addiction and I think going into social work was such a great idea since you are able to empathize with what people are going through. Drug addiction has personally affected me. I have never been addicted but I lost a brother due to heroine addiction and I also lost my cousin as well because of drugs. Drug addiction is a scary thing and so hard to overcome.
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    • cgwinters1981 Post author

      Thank you as always for the kind words Danielle! It is a scary thing and so hard to overcome. The mind tricks you in so many ways. I have overcome a lot and I am better for it all. It has pushed me into a field where I am going to thrive and help so many people. I see the beauty in it all, instead of holding onto anger. 🙂


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